Check Manav Sampada p2 fact sheet UP?

Check all information related to the p2 Fact Sheet. How to view the P2 Fact Sheet and what kind of information can be accessed through this Fact Sheet. All information is available in this article so request you all to stay with us and read this article completely.

Manav Sampada portal has been developed by the National Informatics Center and plays a major role in the Human Resource functions and day-to-day operations of the Uttar Pradesh government.

It’s a complete HRMS solution deployed at different organizations and manages a very large number of employees’ data and services on a daily bases.

There are many useful services available through the Manav Sampada UP portal and the employee p2 fact sheet is one of the important services that all employees can access online.

Now anyone can search the employee fact sheet on the portal. The fact Sheet contains the employee’s basic information, posting details, department information, qualification, etc. It’s an easy way to check employees’ information online. The fact Sheet can be easily checked with the help of the below-mentioned steps.

How to check the employee Fact Sheet on Manav Sampada?

Please have a look at the below steps.

  1. Find Employee HRMS Code
  2. Open the official portal
  3. Find the Public Window section
  4. Open the Fact Sheet P2 search form
  5. Find Fact Sheet P2
  6. Download Fact Sheet P2 PDF File

Let us see the above process in detail.

Steps to check p2 Fact Sheet:

Total Time: 5 minutes

  1. Find the employee’s HRMS code

    If you want to check the P2 Fact Sheet of any employee then you must have the eHRMS code of that employee. If you don.t have the HRMS code then you can search for that through the official portal. If you have the HRMS code then proceed to the next step.

  2. Open the official web portal

    first of all, you will have to visit the official Manav Sampada Uttar Pradesh portal. Click the link to open the home page of the official website.

  3. Find the Public Window section

    On the home page of the official eHRMS UP portal, you will find a Public Window section where you can access the below-mentioned services.

    1-Data entry status of different departments
    2-Office List
    3-PI Status
    4-Fact Sheet (P2)
    5-Search HRMS code

  4. Open the Fact Sheet P2 search form

    up hrms employee fact sheet search page

    In the Public Window, click the Fact Steeh (P2) link to open the Fact Sheet form. You will see a Fact Sheet search form as shown above.

  5. Search employee Fact Sheet

    up manav sampada employee fact sheet report

    Step #3: Select the parent department, and organization and enter the e-HRMS code. After that click the View Report button.

    You will see the employee fact sheet report as shown above.

  6. Download Fact Sheet P2 PDF file

    There is a Print Link available on top of the Fact Sheet page. Click this Print link. A print screen will appear in a new window. Select Save as PDF under the Destination option and click the Print button.

    Fact Sheet P2 PDF file will be downloaded on your device. After downloading this Fact Sheet you can easily check all information anytime.

Also check,

The information available in the employee Fact Sheet P2:

This report includes employee details such as:

  • Personal information – Employee’s personal details such as employee Name, Father’s/Husband’s Name, Employee Type, Date of Birth, Employee Group, Home District, Seniority No., Cadre, Level in Cadre, Gender, Appointment Date, Service Start Date, Confirmation Date, eSalary Code, Current Status, etc.
  • Posting Department/Directorate – Name of the department of the current posting.
  • Present Posting Details – Information about the Current Posting such as District, Reporting Office, Posting office, Post name, and Joining date will be available.
  • Qualification with Specialization – Employees all qualification details including the Board/University Name and Passing year will be available in this section.
  • Past Posting Details – Information related to the previous posting details at different locations including District name, Office name, Post name, Joining date, date of relieving, etc.
  • Departmental Enquiry/Proceedings (if any) – Information about any department inquiry will be available if any going on.
  • Permanent Address – The employee’s present address will be written in this section.
  • Local Address – Employees’ current addresses will be available in this section.

Check the Manav Sampada UP portal for all services and details.

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