Manav Sampada Jharkhand Portal: Employee HRMS Login 2023

Manav Sampada HRMS Jharkhand Employee portal login, leave application, Salary Slip, and other related information will be discussed in this article.

How to apply for leave on the Jharkhand HRMS portal? How to log in and access your employee portal account? Check the step-by-step process of the online leave application in the HRMS Jharkhand portal.

Digitization started in India long ago and in today’s time, almost all government and private companies are using digitization systems in some form or other. Human Resource Management System plays a vital role in the success of any organization.

By considering the various factors and inputs from the employees of different Jharkhand state departments, Jharkhand Government developed a Human Resource Management System known as Manav Sampada to manage its employees.

It is actually an HRMS product developed by NIC Himachal Pradesh and the Jharkhand government adopted a customized version of this portal as per the Jharkhand government employee’s requirements.

What is the HRMS Jharkhand?

Manav Sampada Jharkhand also known as HRMS Jharkhand is an online web-based Human Resource Management System developed for the government employees of Jharkhand.

It is an employee portal developed by the National Informatic Center State Centre, Himachal Pradesh to manage and perform day-to-day administrative tasks of Jharkhand state.

All Jharkhand employees can log in to this HRMS portal through their login credentials and access important services such as leave application, view service book, manage their profile, check different types of reports, view employee posting details, check the latest news and notifications about different departments, etc.


Name of the portalManav Sampada HRMS Jharkhand
Also known asHuman Resource Management System for Jharkhand Government Employees
Developed byNIC State Centre, Himachal Pradesh
Developed forGovernment employees of the Jharkhand state
PurposeTo provide complete human resource solutions
Registration modeOnline
BeneficiaryAll government employees working in Jharkhand
Retirements in the next 6 months862

How to apply for leave on the HRMS Jharkhand Employee portal?

Now all employees in the Jharkhand state can use the online facility available in the HRMS portal to send a leave application. It is a convenient and faster method than the previous offline application method. All the applications can be verified online and there is no need to visit any office physically.

Employees can visit the Jharkhand Manav Sampada web portal and log in to their accounts. After login, employees can click the “Apply Leave (online)” link under the leave menu item on their employee dashboard page and send a new leave request.

Please check below the step-by-step process for online leave application.

Step #1: Jharkhand Employee Portal Registration

First of all, you will have to register yourself on the Jharkhand HRMS portal. Please follow the below registration steps.

  • Open the Jharkhand employee HRMS portal
  • You will find a registration link on the homepage. Click on this Registration through the Treasury MIS link.
jharkhand hrms registration link
  • After clicking on the registration link a new page will appear on the screen (as shown below).
jharkhand hrms registration page
  • Now enter your GPF number, CPS Number, or PRAN Number in the search box and click on the search button.
  • If your employee details appear on the screen then click on the confirm button and complete the rest of the registration part.
  • After the registration note down your employee code and password.

Step #2: Log in to Jharkhand Employee Portal

After the registration, you can log in to the portal from the home page.

jharkhand employee login page
  • Select Nodel Officer or Employee in the user type section.
  • Now enter your login id and password.
  • Press the Login button.
  • You have successfully logged in to the HRMS system.

Step #3: Start filling leave application

Now you will be on your employee dashboard page. On the dashboard click on the Apply Leave (online) link under the Leave option in the top menu.

apply leave jharkhand

Step #4: Select the leave category

After clicking the Apply Leave link a new page will appear on the screen where you can select the leave category. Now select the type of leave you want to apply from the leave category selection menu from the below-given categories.

select leave category page jharkhand hrms
  • Casual leave
  • Compensatory leave
  • Earned leave
  • Headquarter leave
  • Special casual leave

Step #5: Fill the leave application form

After selecting the leave category, the page will refresh and a complete application form will appear on the screen. Now you can fill out the leave application form by providing the below-mentioned details.

  • Select from and to date
  • Select station leave or outstation leave
  • Type reason for leave
  • Upload necessary documents such as medical certificate
  • Select the department
  • Select office level
  • District
  • Office Name
  • Officer name

Step #6: Apply for leave

Finally, click on the Apply button to submit your leave application to the reporting officer. Reporting officer will review your leave application. After approval from the reporting officer, your leave application will be accepted.

How to check the leave status on HRMS Jharkhand?

You can check the status of the applied leave applications by clicking the Applied Leave details link under the leave option.

leave status page Jharkhand

You will find a list of all applied leave applications. Now click on the status link to check the current status of the leave application.

Jharkhand HRMS Leave module video help

Please check the below video to get an overview of how Jharkhand government employees can apply for a leave.

The process to apply for leave on Manav Sampada Jharkhand

Jharkhand HRMS Services

Once an employee login to their employee account, there are a lot of services that are easily accessible through the employee’s dashboard page.

Some of the important services are…

  • Service book information
  • Applying for leaves/ tours
  • SMS-based alerts subscription related to Transfer, Joining
  • APAR submission
  • Reporting and reviewing
  • Employee posting details
  • Property returns
  • Online calendar including upcoming government holidays, etc.

We are sharing details about how to access some of the above services on the Jharkhand HRMS. Please have a look below.

How to view property returns on Manav Sampada Jharkhand?

Information about the property return is available on the portal and all employees can use his facility anytime. Please check the below steps.

  1. First of all open the official website.
  2. After that locate the link for property return which is available on the homepage.
  3. After that click the links. A new window will appear on the screen. In this window, you can check your property return by selecting financial year, entering your GPF/CPS No, selecting department name, designation name, and office name.
  4. After that, click the search button. Property returns of all employees will be displayed on the screen.

Employee Portal Jharkhand eService Book?

All employees can also check their service book through the official portal. The exact steps are mentioned below. Please check.

  1. First of all, open the official website.
  2. After that, you will see a service book link located on the homepage of the official portal.
  3. Click the e-service book link. A new window will appear on the screen. In this window, select the employee department and enter employee GPF/CPS/PRAN No.
  4. After that click the search button. Service book details will be available on the device screen.

What are the benefits of HRMS Jharkhand?

HRMS Jharkhand portal provides a lot of benefits and important services to Jharkhand government employees. Some of the important benefits are mentioned below.

  • Online access to administrative tasks for government employees of Jharkhand.
  • Now the Jharkhand government can manage their employee’s information more efficiently and use it for various purposes.
  • The online leave application process is very easy to use and saves a lot of time. Employees can utilize that time in doing other important official work.
  • Employees can easily access their service book online through the HRMS Jharkhand portal. Employees can also manage and edit their profile information.
  • There are different types of reports and useful data available on the portal that all employees can access online through proper authentication.
  • If an employee is transferred to any location then the information will be updated on the HRMS portal and employees can easily check their posting details.
  • Stay updated with the latest news and notifications from different departments.

HRMS Jharkhand Helpline and complaint

There is a separate helpline and complaint section given on the website homepage where you can share your queries and get help. This is a completely online process. Please check the below steps.

Step 1: Open the official website. On the homepage, you will see a Helpline and complaint link.

Step 2: Click this link, and a new complaint form will appear on the screen.

jharpis helpline form

Step 3: Now you will get two options to submit your complaint.

i- By email – Select this option and select applicant department, name, Email ID, Send email to, Subject, and type your message. After that click the Send Mail button.

ii-By SMS – Select this option and select your department, applicant name, and Phone number, send SMS to, and type your message. After that click the Send SMS button.

You can send your complaint online by choosing any method.

For any immediate resolution or assistance, you may contact with the help of the below-given helpline details.

JHARNET IP Phone: 11476

Toll-Free Number: 18003456568 (during office hours)

Send E-mail to: [email protected]

Also check,

Frequently Asked Questions about Jharkhand Employee Portal

I have forgotten my Manav Sampada Jharkhand password.

If you forgot your password then you can easily recover that with the help of the below steps.

1- Open the official website.
2- No click on the Forget Password: Change your password link below the login form.
3- On the next page, select the department and enter GPF/CPS/PRAN NUMBER.
4- After that click on the Proceed button and complete the rest of the process to recover your password.

What are other services available on the HRMS Jharkhand?

Other than the online leave application employees can see their service book, apply for a loan, property return, apply for a tour, holiday calendar, and submit their performance report.

Who developed the HRMS Jharkhand?

HRMS Jharkhand is actually a customized version of the Manav Sampada portal which is developed by the National Informatics Center, Government of India.

Can I register offline?

Yes, An employee can register on the official website by filling out an offline registration form. There are 8 forms of registration from Form 1 to Form 8. You will have to fill out all forms.

Details about all forms are given below.

Form 1: Employee personal information
Form 2: Employee address information
Form 3: Employee initial joining information
Form 4: Employee education and training information
Form 5: Employee family information
Form 6: Employee nominee details
Form 7: Employee service history
Form 8: Employee posting and establishment detail

All these forms are available to download through the official website with the name ‘Downloadable Forms-1 to 8’.

You may click that link to download the form’s PDF file. After that, take a print-out and fill out all forms and submit them to the concerned official person. 

What is the new website address of the Jharkhand Employee Portal?

Manav Sampada Jharkhand has got a new website address. Now all employees can access their HRMS portal from website.

Previously, the Jharkhand HRMS portal was working on the domain.

What are the browser requirements for Manav Sampada Jharkhand?

Employees must use the latest and most secure web browser to access the HRMS Jharkhand portal.

Employees must use Internet Explorer 10.x or higher versions, Mozilla Firefox 33.x or higher, or equivalent browser software.

How many departments, offices, and employees are onboard on Manav Sampada Jharkhand?

As on 5th February 2023, 163722 government employees from 65777 offices of 83 Jharkhand state departments have been onboarded on the Jharkhand HRMS.

Out of 163722 employees, Around 862 employees are going to retire in the next 6 months.

I hope you will find this article helpful. If you have any suggestions or queries, please write us in the comment section below.

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