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What is Manav Sampada eHRMS ( portal? How to view the service book? How to apply for leave using other services such as reimbursement, NOC, transfer request, and Children’s education? etc.

If you are looking for the above information then you are at the right place. Please check all important details and information about all available services.

What is Manav Sampada portal?

eHRMS or Manav Sampada portal is a product-based Human Resource Management System developed by the NIC for the effective personnel management of government employees through electronic service records in various states of India to provide leave, tour applications, Service books, loans, ACR, etc services.

manav sampada ehrms portal

It’s an award-winning project of the National Informatics Center which helps the government in manpower planning, proper monitoring, recruitment, transfer, and posting based on performance and skill set.

Currently, 780 departments from 20 states have been registered with the online portal.

eHRMS full form: Electronic Human Resource Management System

How to use HRMS for your state:

All states can use the portal through the official website. After opening the website in the browser select the state from the drop-down menu given on the right side.

Some states such as Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Jharkhand, and West Bengal police are using a customized version through a different domain. These portals have been developed by keeping the state-specific employee requirement.

Please check our articles for different state-specific Manav Sampada portals through the below-given links.

eHRMS was first implemented by the Himachal Pradesh state as a pilot project. After the successful implementation, other states and Union Territories have also adopted the portal to manage their employees’ life cycles.


The portal has been made by keeping the below objectives in mind.

  • To provide a complete HRMS solution for all government employees.
  • To make a transparent and effective system by providing all transfer, posting, and leave management online
  • To check the manpower requirement for the future hiring plan by providing employees with data online from all departments
  • To provide an online service book so that others can easily access the required information
  • To provide employees with performance reports for better decision-making in transfer and promotions
  • To provide important facilities online such as online leave applications, Apply for reimbursement, transfer application, etc


Below are some of the benefits available through the portal.

  • Saving the environment by eliminating the use of paper.
  • Now anyone can use the RTI and get the required information that is available online.
  • Now all government employees can request important services/ information/applications online such as leave and transfer application
  • Employees can also apply for the NOC for Higher studies and foreign visits
  • Registered employees can fill out property returns online
  • Through the ACR Module, online employee assessment is very easy and transparent, and faster than the offline system.


All registered state employees can take the benefits of the below-mentioned features provided by the HRMS portal

User Management – The administrator can create or modify users, can assign user roles

Service Book – Now all registered employees maintained the data in the ManavSampda service book online. There is no need for offline data records.

Dynamic ACR – The user can submit the Dynamic ACR and reporting officer will do the assessment

Online Tour – State Admin will provide Tour information to all employees

Online Leave – The user can apply for the leave and the state admin will approve the leave application

Annual Property Return – Employees can view and declare their property details online

Online Service Request – Different service requests can be applied online (details are given below)

Online Transfer/Promotion – State admin will provide transfer and promotion details online to all employees

Recruitment by Department – Department administer can create and provide the new joining information online

DPC Management – Departmental Promotion Committee can take the Transfer, Increment, Deputation, and Promotion decisions based on the online information

Master Reports – Total records according to the designation, departments, service books, etc are provided through Master Records

Online service request:

All registered employees can apply for the below-given service requests online.

TA BillApply for GPF Advance Withdrawal
Apply for Car AdvanceApply For Computer Advance
Tuition FeeApply for EL Encashment
Apply for LTC AdvanceApply HBA
Apply for Accommodation (House Allotment )NOC for Higher Studies
NOC for Foreign VisitApply for Brief Case / Ladies Bag
Requisition for ConsumablesTelephone Reimbursement
Medical ReimbursementNewspaper Reimbursement
Children’s EducationTransfer Request


Name of the portalElectronic Human Resource Management System
Also known asManav Sampada
Developed byNational Informatics Centre
Official solution providerMinistry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India
PurposeTo provide a product-based HRMS tool for government employees
Registered states20
Registered departments986
Published orders101679
Registered employees2737251
Technical support email[email protected]

Manav Sampada apply for leave

An online leave application facility has been inbuilt with the portal and employees can apply for the leave through their employee dashboard. The leave application process is given below.

Step 1: Open the official portal.

Step 2: Now select your state from the drop-down menu. A new Manav Sampada portal will open related to that state.

Step 3: Now login to the portal by using your HRMS code and password. The login link is available at the top right corner.

Step 4: After the login, you can see your employee dashboard. Click on the Leave Management link. Employees will get three option

Apply Leave – Under this section, you can apply for a new leave.

ehrms fresh leave form

In this leave form, you can select fresh leave or leave extension. After that provide all required details such as department, office, financial year, reporting officer, leave type, dates, etc, and submit the leave application.

Your reporting officer will review the leave application and can approve or reject it.

Applied Leave – In this section, you can check all leave applications you have applied for.

ehrms applied leave details

You can the check details such as leave reference number, leave type, reporting officer, applied date, leave status, etc.

Leave Balance – In this section, you can check how many leaves are available for you to apply for in the current financial year.

ehrms leave balance

You can check different types of leave balances such as earned leaves, medical leaves, and casual leaves.

The leave application process for all other states is almost similar. Some state-specific HRMS portal also offers a mobile app for the leave application. Uttar Pradesh government has launched the m-Sthapna app for their employees, especially for leave management.

You may check the leave application process for other states from the below-given links.

How to check important state-specific reports?

Different types of reports are available on the official portal. Anyone can access these reports by visiting the official website. All employees can check the Below-mentioned reports.

  • Registered states
  • Registered departments
  • Published orders
  • Registered employees
  • HRMS application process

1-HRMS registered states:

You can easily check the registered state’s report with the help of the below-given steps.

Step 1: Open the official website.

Step 2: On the home page, you will see the services link on the top menu. Now click on the eHRMS Registered States link under the services menu link. You will see a new popup on the same page (as shown below).

registered states report

Step 3: You can easily check the below-mentioned information from this report.

  • State name
  • Admin name
  • Last two digits of the Contact number
  • Email ID

ii-Registered departments:

In the registered department reports, you can check how many departments have been registered for different states. You may follow the below-given steps to check the complete report.

Step 1: Open the official website and click the Registered Departments available under the Services sub-menu.

Step 2: You will see the department’s report in a new popup (as shown below).

registered departments report

In this report, you will see the below information.

  • State name
  • Total departments admin

Now if you click on the View Details link after any state, you will see a department administrators report of that state (as shown below).

registered departments administrators report of Arunachal Pradesh

On this page, you can see the below-mentioned information.

  • Department name
  • Admin name
  • Email ID
  • Last two digits of the contact number

iii-Published Orders:

You can see state-wise published order statistics on the official portal. Please check the below steps.

Step 1: Open the official website and click the Published orders link available under the services menu item.

Step 2: You will see a report in a new popup (as shown below).

Manav Sampada state-wise published orders statistics

In this report, you can easily check how many orders have been published by a state.

If you click on the View Detail link after any state then department-wise published orders reports will appear on the screen (as shown below).

department wise published orders reports by Delhi state

iv-Registered employees report:

Registered employee report is also easily accessible on the official portal. Please check the below steps for more details.

Step #1: Open the official website and click the Registered Employees link available under the services menu link.

Step #2: You will see a report in a popup including details about the state-wise registered employees on the portal (see the below image).

Manav Sampada state-wise registered employees report

In this report, you can check how many employees are registered on the HRMS portal for different states.

You can also check more details after clicking on the View Details link (see below image).

department wise registered employees report of Mizoram state

In this report, you can see the below-mentioned information.

  • Department name
  • Verified employees
  • Not verified employees
  • Total employees

State-specific Services

Various important services and tasks can be performed by all state administrators through the HRMS portal. There are two types of services available on the portal. To find out the details about the services follow the below steps.

  • open the official website
  • Select the state from the top right side
  • After loading you will get the two types of services mentioned-below
Employee RelatedDepartment Related
View Property ReturnState Wise Data Entry Status
View Service BookView Transactions
Search OrdersVacancy Position Detail
Telephone DirectoryDownloadable Forms
Send FeedbackHelpLine and Compliant
DashboardRegistration for Web API

Manav Sampada eHRMS App download

All employees can also download the Manav Sampada app from the official website. Please check the below process.

Open the official website on your mobile browser. There is a “Mobile App for Android” link on the top menu (as shown below).

ehrms manav sampada app download link

Click on the Android app link. A new page will open (as shown below)

ehrms manav app download page

On this page, you will find two app download link

eHRMS get your service book details

eTransfers latest transfer orders

1- Service book app download: Click on the download button. A new Google Play app download page will appear on the screen (as shown below)

ehrms manav sampada service book app

Click on the install button to install the app on your mobile.

2-eTransfers – Employees Orders app download: Click on the download link. A Google Play app download link will appear on the mobile screen.

ehrms manav sampada etransfers - employees orders app

Click on the install button to download the e-Transfers app.

Performance report

Anyone can check the state-wise performance report on the portal. Please check the steps given below.

  • Open the official portal
  • Navigate to Reports > Performance Report on the top menu. A new page will appear as shown below
ehrms performance report page
  • On this page enter the below details to check the state-wise performance report
    • User Id
    • Password
    • Report Key
  • Enter the given captcha code and click on the “View Report” or “Active User Report” link.

Customized HRMS portal links for different states:

Name of portalWebsite
West Bengal


How do verify/update the Manav Sampada service book?

All authorized registered users can update the service book and send it for verification. The establishment Verifying Officer will verify the service book and update the user. Please check the below process.

Step #1: A registered user can log in to the portal by using the user id and password. A new employee dashboard will appear on the screen.

Step #2: On the employee, dashboard page clicks the “Employee Service Book Details” link. A new page will appear as shown below. service book detail search

Step #3: On the employee service book detail page search the employee details by entering HRMS code or GPF/CPF/PRAN No. or UID No and click on the “Search” button.

Step #4: On the next page you will see an employee dashboard and service book details on the left side (as shown below). employee service book dashboard

Step #5: Now you can update your service book details by clicking on the service book links one by one given on the left side. You will have to update the below-mentioned details in your service book.

1-Personal Information
2-Family details
3-Employee Initial Joining Information
4-Employee Education information:
5-Employee Training details:
6-Loan Details
7-Service History details
8-Leave details
9-Departmental Proceeding Details
10-Nominee Details
11-Award Details
12-Previous Leave balance
13-ACR backlog Entry

Step #6: Submit Form For Verification – After updating all service book information user can submit the details to the verifying officer.

For this click on the “Submit for verification” link given on the left side and enter the details of Verifying Officer. Your service book will be sent to the Verifying Officer for verification.

Step #7: After the verification by the Verifying officer you can view your service book by clicking on the “View service book” link. Now service book is ready for online transactions.

Who launched the electronic human resource management system?

An electronic human resource management system was first launched by the National Informatics Center, Himachal Pradesh for the Himachal Pradesh government employees.

After getting a good response and positive reviews NIC was given the task to convert that software into a product so that other states can easily implement that.

Finally, NIC launched the product.

How to upload documents in Manav Sampada?

You can easily upload your documents on the HRMS portal by following the below steps.

1- Open the official website and select your state
2- Now click on the login button to open the login page and enter your login credentials.
3- After login click on the profile link to view employee information.
4- Now click on the “Upload documents” link on the left side. You will see a document upload page where you can upload your educational or other types of documents.
5- To upload an educational document select the document category as “Educational Document
6- Select the certificate type and enter the issue date, certificate number, and description.
7- Upload the certificate by clicking on the “choose file” link and submitting the form.

Please note that the document size must be less than 100 kb.

What is ACR status?

ACR stands for Annual Confidential Report which is a kind of rating an employee gets. Rating may be Outstanding, Very good, good, satisfactory, Bad/ unsatisfactory. All employees can update their ACR details and send them for review.

The review officer will verify the details and provide a grading based on the information.
According to a court order headed by Justice Katju, ACR must be disclosed within a certain period of time which will provide an opportunity for the government staff to improve their performance.

How to register on the Manav Sampada portal?

Registration on the portal will be done through the below steps.

1- If you want to register on the portal then you will have to share your details with the office admin.
2- The office administrator will log in to the portal
3- After that click on the Register Employee link
4- Enter all details of the new employee
5- Assign a role to the new employee
6- Registration will be completed after clicking on the “Generate Employee CODE” link.

What is my Manav Sampada ID and password?

After the first time registration of an employee by a user having the Data entry or superuser role, the employee gets a 6-digit ID and a default password.

A default password is a combination of the first three letters of the employee’s name and year of birth. For example, if an employee’s name is Anurag and his birth year is 1990 then his default password will be ANU1990.

Employees can use this 6-digit user id and default to log in on the portal. After the first login employee can change his password.